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Piero Rasero, The Gallinara island from Julia Augusta street. Oil on canvas 70 x 50

This is something that I thought to do for a long time. That is, in addition to exhibitions of the great masters and historical currents that sometimes I have occasion to visit, I’d like also talk about very good contemporary artists that I have the pleasure of knowing and meeting in person.
I’m back from a Saturday night full of energizing beauty, from which I awoke with enthusiasm and a comfortable sense of harmony, so I think is the right time to introduce this new topic.
For reasons that will be clear soon, the theme of this series of posts will be the #wingsandblue hashtag.
And, for the first time, I’ll try to write all of that in English too.

In the setting of the historical center of Cherasco, under the arcades of Via Vittorio Emanuele II, it is the art gallery Evvivanoé of my friend Sara, where in these days you can admire the works of Piero Rasero. Longtime landscaper and internationally renowned, and a person of rare kindness and affability, I think he’s essentially an artist of this three elements: sky, snow and sea.
As you can see in three paintings, one for each theme, that I choose to show you here.

Piero Rasero, Autumn in Langhe, 2008. Oil on canvas 30 x 60

In the rich palette of colors that he likes to impress on his canvases, among bunganville and tinted houses on the Ligurian Riviera, the amazing views of the Langhe and the suspended peace of the snowy views, the thing that, most of all, catches me and fascinates me, in the works of this artist, is the light blue. Clear sky or veiled in clouds, illuminated of liquid reflections, or turned close to indigo, to the horizon or in water courses, the light blue of Rasero is a mantle of harmony, where I love to return, several times, to rest my eyes and get new comforting spurs.

Piero Rasero, Snow and frost on the irrigation ditch, 2015. Oil on canvas 50 x 70

The current exhibition will last until December 6th, and will end in conjunction with one of the famous street markets that regularly animate the streets of the small and charming town, attracting thousands of visitors from around the Piedmont and nearby regions. In this occasion, as well as on weekends until then, the artist will be personally present in the gallery.
In addition to numerous paintings, many of which of recent production, at the exhibition you can also see a wide selection of limited edition lithographs, as well as photographic prints, of various subjects and formats, both related to the paintings there present, and to other works already owned by private collectors; the one and the other can be an excellent idea to do, or to get, a precious and original Christmas gift, at a lower cost than it can be imagined.

I hope I have intrigued you enough 🙂
So, I can only wish you a good visit!

Oh, sorry, I almost forgot … I have talked about blue, and that’s fine.
Yes, but, the wings? Be patient, I promise that the wait will be short 😉